Authentic Italian Varnish of the Vettori Family

Course Description

Experience teaches us that varnish is directly related to sound production, and with this varnish method your instrument will resonate to its fullest potential as well as enhance its craftsmanship and beauty.

Join Sofia Vettori for this intensive five-day workshop in the fundamentals and application of varnish using her combination approach to Authentic Italian Varnish.  You will find this course provides a more simplified method than perhaps previously experienced.  This approach to varnishing will give you the ability to prepare the instrument by enhancing the flame in the maple, sealing the wood, and coloring the spruce to prevent inverting the grain.  

After reaching the color of gound that every maker dreams of, it will then be time to seal and prime the instrument with an oil based formula followed by a combination of spirit varnish and French polish, giving the instrument that velvet luster that musicians love. You will also learn to cook, grind, melt, and stir formulas so that by the end of the week you will not only have an instrument varnished, you will have the knowledge to prepare all the ingredients and varnish at home.

Each student should bring a violin or viola ready for varnishing (no cellos please).  This course is open to professionals, students, and amateurs wanting to learn a new method that they can easily recreate.  Tuition includes materials.

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