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The fine art of bow making is centuries old and continues to be taught by today's leading bow makers.  Join award-winning bow maker and renowned instructor Rodney D. Mohr for a vigorous and challenging six days of bow making.  This course is not for the easily frustrated student.  The week is devoted to the woodworking elements of bow making only and is for those who have accomplished rehairing and repairing bows and have acquired adequate tool skills.  

The student will learn how to choose wood, plane and camber a stick in the style of Tourte, carve and shape a corresponding head and mortise, fit a frog and button, and finish and polish the stick.  There is ample time to work with extended evening hours.

Pre-requisites:  Bow Rehairing & Maintenance, Basic Bow Repair, or VSA Oberlin Bow Restoration and References.

With Pernambuco on the endangered species list, suitable substitutes may be used to preserve the limited resources of Pernambuco.  Some tools are available for use but it is best to bring your own planes, knives, chisels, and files. 

Tuition includes materials.

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