Gregory S. Sapp

Greg Sapp

Gregory S. Sapp

Gregory (Greg) Sapp provides high level restoration and repair services to musicians and shops, around the United States, out of his shop in Illinois.  Greg graduated from the Kenneth Warren & Son School of Violin Making (now the Chicago School of Violin Making) in 1981, working under the guidance of Master Tschu Ho Lee.  While in school, Mr. Lee commissioned two violas and a cello from Greg and had him heavily engaged in doing repair work, as well.  Greg graduated Violin Making School in December of 1981, with an "Excellence in Craftsmanship" grade, not a common achievement among graduates.

After graduation, Greg worked at Kenneth Warren & Son in Chicago, a premier shop in the Midwest, where he worked directly with Mr. Zenon Petesh, as well as Choo Taik Rheem, Phillip Perret and Joe Krosnowsky.  This opportunity brought many challenging projects and provided many fine instruments of historical importance for him to work on.  In 1986, Greg became Head Repairman and continued in that capacity through April of 1994.

In 1994, Greg opened a repair studio out of his home, providing repair and restoration services for nearly 22 shops from a half-dozen states.  While his main focus was restoration and repair, he also made 40 instruments during those years.

Early in 2003, Greg opened a part-time repair studio in downtown Chicago, while continuing to provide services out of his home.  In 2006, with the help of his wife, Mary Ellen (Mel), he opened a full-service retail shop in Montgomery, IL and in 2013, a satellite retail shop was opened in Wheaton, IL.

Greg has been a regular contributor to the Oberlin Restoration Workshops.  In addition to being one of the instructors in 2016, he has provided master classes on advanced restoration techniques for many years.  He has dedicated much time and thought to creating devices to assist him with challenging restoration projects and has shared these fixtures with his colleagues and the attendees at the Workshops.

In this last year, much effort and energy has been invested in designing and creating the 3rd iteration of the full-service suburban shop with Mel, which is now located in Batavia, IL, though he still spends two days a week in his Chicago repair studio.

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