Advanced Cello Set-Up

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If you think the cello is just a bigger version of a violin, then you may not be quite ready for this course.  But if you have more questions than answers regarding cello set-up, then you'll want to jump right in with both feet and join renowned cello maker Christopher Dungey for a fascinating five day workshop on cello set-up.  Chris will discuss what players are searching for when it comes to cello sound and playability, and the multitude of variables involved with setting-up a cello, and how to maximize its potential. 

Come prepared with a cello that needs it's fingerboard planed, nut adjusted, post and bridge fit, and tailpiece and endpin installed.  Pegs should be working, but will be reviewed during the course.  Bring all your own tools and extra parts as needed, including cello strings and a cello bow. This course requires instructor approval so list all your experience in the space provided on the application. 

Tuition includes lunch.

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