Baroque Set-Up

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Expand your shop's services with this intense week-long course on the components of a Baroque set-up with Sarah W. Peck.  This course is designed for the experienced woodworker/violin luthier.  The main focus of this workshop is making fingerboards, bridges, tailpieces and the shaping of the neck.  Other topics for discussion or demonstration will follow in the syllabus.

If you plan on bringing an instrument that you want to shape a Baroque neck on, please bring the neck in its pre-roughed state with flat and square sides. Also, if you plan to finish your project and would like to have a set of gut strings on hand, you can contact Sarah Peck and she will guide you to where to buy strings. 

Please see the syllabus for a tool list and materials to bring. Pre-requisite: you must be familiar with instrument set-up and own the proper tools.  This course requires instructor approval so list all your experience in the space provided on the application. 

Tuition may include some materials

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