Bow Making 201

Course Description

The fine art of bow making is a process that takes time. Join award winning bow maker and renowned instructor Rodney D. Mohr for a vigorous and challenging five days of bow making.  The week is devoted to the finer points of woodworking and is for those who have fine woodworking skills and have accomplished making at least a dozen bows and wish to further their knowledge and broaden their income or refine their skills and style for competitions.

The student will learn the finer points of wood selection, camber, graduations, style and finishing.  There is ample time to work with extended evening hours.

Pre-requisites:  Bow Making 101 and references, VSA Oberlin Bow Making Workshop or the equivalent.  Students will bring their own wood, tools and supplies along with several roughed out and cambered sticks, along with any bows in process.  This course requires instructor approval so list all your experience in the space provided on the application.  

Tuition includes lunch.  Multi-course discount does not apply to this course.

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