Fundamentals of Oil Varnishing

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Varnishing is a necessary but often daunting part of successful violin making.  Understanding the materials involved and their effect on the instrument is important.  Gaining control of the application process is essential.

With years of success in refining and teaching violin varnishing, Joe Robson will walk you through this intense five-day workshop where you will explore varnishing using his varnish and application methods that will deliver the most consistent results.  He will guide you in instrument preparation, wood coloration, ground, color, varnish, and polishing.

The course will center on teaching the "Four and Out" method.  This four coat application system is the foundation for proper oil varnishing.  Once this method is mastered, the maker is free to explore the myriad of artistic options for the appearance of the instrument.

Be prepared by bringing one violin or viola ready for varnishing.  No cellos please as space is limited. 

Tuition includes materials.

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