Neck Grafts

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Arguably the most transformative developments to the evolution of the violin are the techniques developed to graft a new neck and the ability to connect the neck and body of the violin together in the best structural way to support the needs of modern musicians and the strings that they play on.

In this comprehensive five-day workshop, Greg Sapp guides you through the entire process of grafting and setting the neck of a violin.  From determining why a neck might qualify to be grafted; and laying out the graft design to cutting, fitting and shaping the neck.  Special attention will be given to the safe approach to removing a neck, as well as prepping, fitting and setting a neck for a balanced and stable outcome. 

Each student should bring an instrument that has some form of neck-related issue. You will leave with a bech tested, straight-forward approach to correcting and resolving any neck-related problem.  Donor necks and faux graft materials can be provided if advance notice is given.  Students who are intending to complete a graft should bring maple neck graft material, fingerboard blanks (consider prepping them before the course), chisels, gouges, knives, and block planes.  This course is not for you if you feel uncomvortable using these tools. This course is for the advanced participant who has been repairing instruments for a minimum of 3 years and is working professionally as a repairman. Instructor approval is required so list all your experience in the space provided on the application.

Tuition includes lunch.

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