Rental Fleet Technician Certificate Program: Part 1

Course Description

This NEW program offering is a two-part course covering the practical and theoretical aspects of the rental set-up of violins, violas, cellos, and basses.  Join luthier and rental fleet expert Chris Ulbrich for this intense five-day workshop beginning with a focus on violin and viola set-up. Part 1 includes information and work on violins and violas, while  Part 2 is devoted to cellos and basses.  Each course is followed by a written exam to test the student's knowledge as part of the certification process.  Upon completion of the second course, the student may test their skills to earn their "Rental Fleet Technician Certification."  

Students are required to bring their personal tools and shop tools if permitted.  A list of tools and resources will be sent upon application approval and receipt of deposit.  If you do not have everything on the tool list, you will need to purchase the remaining tools before attending class.  

This is not a rental repair course.  However, a discussion on the topic may be included.

Materials and study booklet is included in Tuition.  Tuition does NOT include tools.   

Instruments in various sizes will be provided for set-up during the week.

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Not Available for 2021
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