We are relocating Learning Trade Secrets back to 612 Claremont Avenue in Ashland, Ohio, just blocks away from our home studio!  We will be able to accommodate 12 students.  We are excited to provide a little more elbow room and a great location for easy access to breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  We also have a new phone number (567) 215-6487, but please do not call unless it's an emergency.  It is much easier for us to answer your questions via email. 

All students are welcome and we are 'plowing forward' (as they say in this part of the country) with our mission to train the next generation in the making and restoration of fine stringed instruments and bows, whether under normal circumstances or not.  We hope you will consider joining us in 2024 for a workshop or two!  



May 11, 2018

Our first rehair workshop went off without a hitch! The new space was great! Every student had plenty of room to work and gather around the instructor's bench and whiteboard for demonstrations and explanations. The "Bench Buddy" pods really did…

May 9, 2018

Did you graduate in 2019 or more recently? Still looking to refine your skills? Haven't made plans yet for more training?

Receive a one time $150 Discount* when you chose to attend one of the Learning Trade Secrets violin workshops!